Elevating School Meals

We make school meals a blast with fun flavors that make students smile and satisfy their taste for adventure.

Elevating School Meals


About Zee Zees®

It started with a simple question: “Why can’t snacks taste good and be good for you, too?”

At Zee Zees, we’re here to bring you just that. We’re committed to helping students snack in fun and healthy ways with foods that satisfy kids’ taste for adventure. Our snacks are made from better-for-you recipes and wholesome ingredients you can believe in, wrapped up in unbelievable flavors that appeal to all kinds of kids with all kinds of tastes.

Better-For-You Ingredients: We’re about two things here at Zee Zees, making good foods and making them in good ways. We believe in hearty, wholesome ingredients to energize kids and adults alike, to help them flourish as they grow, and to make healthy snacking choices.

  • Wholesome whole grains
  • Our fruit cups are in 100% juice, not in syrup
  • No high fructose corn syrup in any of our products
  • Protein-packed snacks that keep you fuller longer
  • Unsweetened applesauce options
  • Low sodium options

Dietary Considerations: At Zee Zees, we know the struggle of finding tasty allergen-friendly foods, and foods that fit within a desired dietary need – especially a picky eater! We offer a variety of snacks available for many dietary restrictions.

  • All products contain no peanuts or tree nuts
  • Some of our snacks are soy free
  • Many of our snacks are naturally vegan, and all are vegetarian
  • Some of our snacks are gluten free
  • Most of our products are Kosher
  • See our FAQ Page for more details on what is safe for your students to enjoy.

With Zee Zees It's Z'all Good!

Working To Make A Positive Impact

At Zee Zees, our better-for-you approach reaches to other parts of our business, not only our ingredients! Here are some of the ways that Zee Zees works to make a positive impact:

Helping Food Insecure Families: Through Project SERVE, Zee Zees, and our parent company National Food Group, are committed to helping food insecure families by:

  • Donating 5% of our annual profits to organizations that alleviate food insecurity for local families, providing nutritious food and nutrition education
  • Annually donating 1 million servings of food
  • Volunteering at local food banks, helping to prepare meal kits for families in need

Reducing Food Waste: As a national leader in USDA commodity processing, we’re able to turn raw commodities like apples and other fruit into Zee Zees shelf-stable, applesauce or fruit cups that students – and their foodservice team – love!

Zee Zees is part of the National Food Group family

About National Food Group - Partnering For Participation

National Food Group has been partnering with K-12 schools across the nation since 1990. We fuel the next generation with wholesome food that is healthy and on budget.

Collaboration with our customers is vital to developing and sourcing products that meet USDA regulations while still matching nutritional trends, consumer preferences, and our customer’s tight budgets. We understand the need to shake up the apple cart and develop new ideas, with formulations and products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We dedicate time, effort and financial resources to bring food scientists, dietitians, chefs and food sourcing experts to the table to develop, test and refine products that fulfill specialized school requirements.


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Why Work With National Food Group?

National Food Group supplies a variety of nutritious items to K-12 schools across the nation. We fuel the next generation with wholesome food that is not only healthy, it makes the most of your school’s budget!

Our mission is to provide our customers with creative food solutions while building long-lasting relationships.

We can help you increase student participation and make healthy food choices more fun for students of all ages.

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