Impacting Our Community

Through Project SERVE, our corporate social responsibility initiative, we pledge at least 5% of our earnings, along with our time and talents. We work together to help make food more accessible, provide opportunities and resources for individuals seeking a career in the food industry, and support our global environment.


How We Got Here

As our company grows, so does our commitment to the community. According to the USDA, 44 million people, including 8 million children, are food insecure and every community in the country is home to a family that is food insecure. Through Project SERVE and its initiatives, we are working each day to feed local families, reduce food waste, and help break down barriers to employment.

  • Rescued and redirected more than 70 million pounds of food from waste
  • Contributed more than $5 million in resources to non-profits
    and community organizations
  • Volunteered more than 3,000 hours in our communities

Project SERVE Key Initiatives

Our corporate social responsibility initiative allows us to divide our resources into five areas of focus that allow us to honor our commitment to the community. The five program initiatives include:


Secure Food And Funding

Help alleviate food insecurity by matching food and funds with communities in need.



Provide opportunities and resources for students of all ages and backgrounds to learn about the food industry and its many career paths.


Respect Diversity

Focus on being a leader in the industry for an inclusive and equitable environment.



Improve the lives of our neighbors through the use of our time, talents, and treasures.


Elevate Sustainability

Continue and expand sustainability practices at National Food Group with help from our customers and vendors.

Initiative - Spotlight

Grab The Tab

According to the School Nutrition Association, school lunch debt affects 92.8% of districts in the United States. School lunches are what National Food Group and Zee Zees do best. Therefore, we wanted to help school districts ensure every student can receive the food they need without worrying about a negative balance or being able to afford a meal that day.

Launched as a pilot program in April 2023, Grab The Tab was created to make an impact on cafeterias and students across the U.S. With over 350 applicants from over 40 states, we saw $4 million in debt applied to be paid off.


At National Food Group, volunteering is an important part of our culture, goals, and mission. In 2023, National Food Group/Zee Zees set a goal of 1,000 volunteer hours. The team exceeded that goal for a total of 1,385 hours spent giving back to the community. Food was organized, backpacks were packed, and trees were planted throughout the year in an effort to hit that goal.

Employees are encouraged to give back both as a team to company partners, and to the organizations that mean the most to them in their own communities. In 2023, National Food Group team members volunteered at 51 different organizations, and provided almost $40,000 in economic value.

Learn More And Connect:

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